Fine Wood Veneer

Used to give furniture or other materials a fine wood grain appearance. It is also used to make plywood, which consists of thin layers of veneer glued together.

Wood veneer comes in very thin sheets, less than 3 mm thick, and is made of various types of finished or unfinished wood.

This material is often used on common or less valuable materials to give them a superficially attractive appearance. It’s also used for cabinet remodeling, since it’s easier than replacing functional but unattractive kitchen cabinets entirely. Wood veneer is also used for parquet floors. Wooden products that have large surfaces may have a veneer to avoid the great costs associated with making large items entirely of solid wood.

Wood veneer can be made from the wood of various species of trees. It is often made from species such as cherry, oak, maple and birch, as well as rare and exotic species such as Brazilian rosewood and eucalyptus. There are hundreds of different types of veneers available. When applied properly, wood veneer gives a piece the illusion that is made entirely from the same type of wood as the veneer.